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Plus, easily keep track of the names of your succulents, when you potted, pruned, and more!
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Succulent Tracker is an app created by, and for, people who love succulents. Collections grow quickly and soon it becomes very difficult to remember which plant was watered and when.

This app will keep track of the names of your plants, where they are located, and events like potting, pruning, fertilizing, and treating for pests.

You can keep a photographic history of each plant, using the camera in your device or a photo taken elsewhere.

Inside the app you can record information about individual plants in your collection:

  • The scientific name
  • A nickname
  • Photos
  • Watering schedule
  • When it was last watered
  • When you repotted
  • When you treated for bugs
  • Where you purchased it
  • If you made changes to the light or location
  • When you propagated it
  • And more!

The app will also show you which plants are ready to be watered next based on schedules you’ve set or the average number of days between watering.

Open up the individual plant view to record information about your plant, add a new picture, or simply see the history of what has happened over the past few weeks.

From the home screen you can see photos of all the succulents in your collection grouped by genus. You can then choose to view the succulents grouped by location, tags you’ve added to them, or when they were watered last.

Tapping on an individual plant will allow you to see all the information about it.

You can easily record new “actions” (watering, repotting, pruning, treating for bugs, fertilizing, make a note or take a new photo) by clicking the edit button in the top corner.

On the plant view screen you can also set the desired watering frequency. This will generate a notification on the day that plant needs to be watered again. You’ll also see the average watering time for that plant and when it was watered last.

Tagging is a really great way to add additional details about your plants. If you want to record where you got it, how much light it needs, that you grew it from a leaf, or anything else important to you… just add it in as a tag!

You can see all plants with that tag grouped together.

In any view, you can record action and apply them to a group of plants as well.

So rather than marking one by one that you’ve watered plants, simply go to a “view” where they are grouped together and tap to record that you’ve watered everything in that group.

There are so many ways to help you keep track of your plants and better care for them.

Actions are quick and easy to record so you can easily take care of your succulents and keep going on with your day.

Give the app a try and stop overwatering succulents, worrying about when you watered last and if it’s ok to water again.

You’ll get a FREE 30 day trial so you can easily see how the app works before subscribing.

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Currently only available on Apple iOS 13 and higher